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Stay: safe in our hands

The Domus team have been finding and sharing the city’s most extraordinary houses for a long time, and the houses we choose are so much more than places to sleep. They’re the ultimate statements of style and culture, landmarks of design and delight, choices made with bold panache and a spirit of adventure. These are places that feel utterly loved – and our job is to eloquently reveal their many splendours to our global clients who possess a certain gilded calibre of discernment and personality that matches your own.

We take it personally because this is what we love. And the personal touch is woven throughout our full management service. We’re local; we’re here and we’re passionate about our service. The houses we care for become our rock stars, our heroes. We show up for them with pride and individual attention. We look after them as you would yourself.

And we know how to make it all brilliantly easy for you.

If you have any questions about a property – past, present or future – please contact us here.


Stay: special

Because you have to travel, but know that shouldn’t mean compromise. Because style, culture and design matter in every choice you make. Because you demand discretion, respect and a safe pair of hands.

And because what could be better than a uniquely beautiful place to stay?

We’re always on hand to help with anything from bookings to bed linen. For anything you need, please contact the guest services team here.


Stay: with us

Are you up for a magnificent new challenge? Does your life revolves around design, architecture and creative conversation? Would bringing your creative spirit to the world of extraordinary properties and remarkable people sound like an excellent way to earn a living?

Does this sound like you? We hope so. And, if so, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re curious about Domus Stay, and think it might be the place for your next career move, we’d always love to chat. Please contact us here and one of the team will be in touch.