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Positive Luxury: Empowering meaningful change

CEO Amy Nelson-Bennett reveals why Domus Stay’s Butterfly Mark accreditation will make waves in the travel industry.

CEO Amy Nelson-Bennett reveals why Domus Stay’s Butterfly Mark accreditation will make waves in the travel industry.

In a sustainably minded consumer landscape, it can be hard to see beyond the buzzwords to know whether a brand is truly committed to improving its practices. “Everywhere we see terms like ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’,” says Positive Luxury CEO Amy Nelson-Bennett. “No wonder there’s cynicism.”

Positive Luxury is a London-based consultancy on a mission for greater sustainability across the global luxury market. Founded in 2011, they have grown a community of nearly 200 local and international brands — striving to close the trust gap between company and consumer – while creating positive social impact and environmental progression.


Amy is a pioneer of sustainably minded business models. “We ensure that our clients are prepared for a market where customers, employees and investors are crying out for brands to become more sustainable,” she says.

Synonymous with Positive Luxury is their Butterfly Mark, a visual symbol of trust and transparency awarded to accredited brands. This has sentimental and meaningful origins; Positive Luxury’s founders were inspired by the history of the Large British Blue Butterfly, a scarce species in the UK that became extinct in 1979. Thanks to dedicated restoration efforts, the butterflies were reintroduced several years later — an endeavour which is deemed one of the most successful stories of ecological conservation. Such collaborative action and constructive progress is the benchmark philosophy of Positive Luxury.

Rachel Angell, COO at Domus Stay and Amy Nelson-Bennett, CEO of Positive Luxury

“The Butterfly Mark is about real change,” says Amy. “It’s a commitment to ongoing improvement, a mark of trust that our businesses are delivering a positive ESG impact.” The pathway to becoming accredited is rightfully detailed, with Positive Luxury conducting rigorous examinations on a brand’s environmental, social and governance standards. “No one has ever scored 100 on their assessment,” Amy adds. “The Butterfly Mark is a sign of companies working hard and placing forward progress ahead of a shiny image of perfection — which just isn’t realistic.”

Domus Stay has recently received its own Butterfly Mark, the first short-stay brand to achieve this. “Travel and leisure are dependent on local communities to deliver high-quality service and standards,” says Amy. “Domus Stay is showing trailblazing activity in the travel industry, which we are excited to champion.”

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Since its inception, Domus Stay has integrated sustainable practices into the business. Guests can get to know the soul of London’s eclectic communities, and enjoy bespoke cultural experiences which showcase the inspiring artisans and entrepreneurs within these neighbourhoods. From the prioritisation of local suppliers to aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals, it’s something Amy and the Positive Luxury team hold in high regard. “I’m really drawn to the progressive business model that’s adapted to how people’s travel tastes have changed.”

“Domus Stay is a people-centric, service-orientated business and we understand that we operate in the context of a wider local environment,” explains Domus Stay’s Chief Operating Officer, Rachel Angell. “We are delighted to have been awarded this accreditation by Positive Luxury and have made a commitment to improving our sustainability practises as a continuous core activity.”


Positive Luxury champions both internationally renowned and smaller brands, with one key belief maintained throughout: “Luxury has always tended to set the trends for consumer-facing industries to follow,” Amy states. Domus Stay recognises this responsibility, leading the way for mindful travel.

Explore Positive Luxury’s work and climate-positive initiatives on their website.

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