Domus Stay.
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Our Story

Don't just visit. Stay.

From the tall trees of Domus Nova come the new shoots of Domus Stay.
Born from an understanding of how people want to live.

Created to acquaint remarkable people with extraordinary homes.
Domus Stay brings you the best of everything, from the utmost care to the ultimate experience.

What we do

We marry outstanding properties with a guarantee of the utmost care, attention and respect. Homeowners can trust us with their homes, and guests can continue their busy lives in unique, inspiring surroundings.

Why we do it
Why we do it

Why we do it

Our mission is to be a trustworthy and respectful conduit between our homeowners and guests. To introduce the world’s most beautiful properties and provide an entirely uplifting experience.

We do this daily, by caring genuinely about every aspect of our business and relationships, forever growing as a team to discover new delights for our clients, valuing and prioritising the great things that makes us stand out and building strong relationships within our network of excellence.

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  • Rachel Angell

    Rachel Angell

    Chief Operating Officer

    Rachel’s dedication to the business of luxury hospitality has spanned a twenty-year career, and now provides Domus Stay with a depth of guest understanding that only comes with such a gilded history.

    Prior to Domus Stay, Rachel’s analytical mind-set and pragmatic instinct recently led the transformation strategy for the UK’s most highly regarded luxury hotel brand. And now, beyond the task of creating a business that runs like poetry in motion, Rachel’s background in solving any manner of dilemmas make her the perfect pair of hands for any type of situation. Whether you need a bit of insider information, a last-minute anything or just a chance to put the world to rights over a cup of tea, she’s got the goods.

    In Rachel’s hands, Domus Stay sets a new benchmark for the standards of service and excellence our discerning clients can expect, and adds a warmth to the team that we all depend upon.

  • Deborah-Lynn Knight Klammer

    Deborah-Lynn Knight Klammer

    Head of Operations

    With almost 30 years of global experience across luxury hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and most recently within the corporate world, Deborah stands for true excellence in hospitality. Eminently capable, hers is a nurturing soul: her door is always open, and she’s here to listen and empathise in any given situation.

    As Head of Operations, Deborah makes sure everything is as it should be from the very first point of contact. She brings to Domus Stay a deep-rooted passion for taking care of people, and an innate pride in creating beautiful spaces to surprise and delight her guests. Our clients are truly safe in her hands.

  • Max Slaght

    Max Slaght

    Head of Property

    Trusting someone to look after your house is a big decision. And this is where Max comes in. With twenty years’ experience in prime London property, and thousands of transactions under his belt, there’s very little out there that Max hasn’t sold, solved or sorted.

    As a passionate admirer of beautiful properties, Max treats our ‘best in class’ houses with the respect and care they deserve whilst also making sure you feel fully protected and supported throughout every stage of the journey. His boundless enthusiasm and unshakeable love for the business mean you can sleep easier at night, knowing Max has got it covered.

  • Roisin Ryan

    Roisin Ryan

    Guest Services Specialist

    Róisín Ryan is one of those names you want on your speed-dial just to help you feel everything’s going to be okay.

    As Guest Services Specialist and model of calm organisation, Róisín is here to make every aspect of your time with Domus Stay a veritable delight. With an impressive track record of looking after high-level guests and clients in both private and corporate settings, she brings a warm, personable and utterly unflappable layer of support to the most complex of situations.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of Domus Stay please get in touch here. Our team would be delighted to chat.