Interior design escapism with Saskia Blyth / Design
Interior design escapism with Saskia Blyth

Saskia Blyth of Blyth-Collinson Interiors on creating inspiring spaces

Saskia Blyth of Blyth-Collinson Interiors on creating inspiring spaces

Between zoom fatigue and infinite scrolling, our wellbeing has taken a toll this year. Increasingly, our daily routine has been characterised by an always-on mentality as we switch from screen to screen, jump on our next call, try to fit a home workout into our lunch break, all while working from home. It’s easy to forget to slow down and reconnect with ourselves and our environment. As the spring sunshine peaks through the clouds, it’s time to welcome a new beginning. Whether you’re remedying a creeping sense of cabin fever or embracing your nomadic instinct while working remotely, a change of scenery can be therapeutic. And what could be more wholesome than taking a break and staying in a beautiful home? For Saskia Blyth of Blyth-Collinson Interiors, the answer is simple. Nothing. 

Saskia knows all about how living in well-constructed spaces can boost wellbeing. Known for her uncanny ability to create timelessly elegant and personal interiors, she’s often called upon to breathe a new lease of life into residential properties. Saskia believes that the foundations of holistic design begin with the intersection between form and function, the introduction of colour and the bravery to make adventurous choices. “It’s the small details in a home that influence wellbeing,” Saskia says, “the practicality and the comfort of having all the things you need right there when you need them”. 

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Picture this: you’ve found a remarkable flat nestled in a leafy mews in Notting Hill to escape to. Tired of virtual catchups, you decide to host a small gathering with close friends to share your uplifting and intimate space – the ideal environment to make up for lost time with loved ones. The property you’re staying in is aptly constructed for this purpose – the open-plan layout makes it easy to zip around, the counter space leaves plenty of room to prep your canapes, the storage space hides the less sightly from view. Saskia recalls her childhood home, always full of family and friends and how relaxed her mother was when it came to entertaining. “It’s because she always had everything in the place she needed them”.

Often overlooked, it’s these minor details that make staying in a thoughtfully designed home effortless. “When it comes to wellbeing, it's making sure the practicalities that you don’t necessarily think about are set in place”. If you’re looking for a short stay, you want a property that speaks to you, not just in terms of aesthetics but also functionality and the added luxuries. Why not opt for a home where the master suite occupies the entire floor? Take the stress out of getting ready with his and hers sinks. Choose a residence that doesn’t just complement but enhances your lifestyle. Of course, holistic interiors are not only about convenience. Saskia’s sixth sense for creating characterful and sophisticated homes is often led by her affinity for energetic hues. “I love using colour!" she enthuses. Bright colours can be re-energising and optimistic – just look at Pantone’s Colours of the Year. Staying in a property that is vibrant and peaceful in equal measures can elevate your routine. Stepping outside your comfort zone and straying from a neutral palette may seem like a leap of faith but Saskia believes that good design should challenge boundaries. 

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“A lot of the time, we will go for the safe option because we can imagine what it looks like. We’ll go with the cream sofa because we can imagine what it looks like. We won’t go with the bright blue sofa because that pushes our boundaries too much but sometimes, we need that push because when it arrives people are like ‘oh my gosh I’ve always wanted a blue sofa’” Saskia explains. You may be instantly drawn to a property with a pared-back scheme but perhaps that splash of magnolia on the walls or the burnt orange sofa in the reception can inject a bounce into your step. So how does Saskia achieve a meaningful space? “People may not necessarily know what they like or what makes them feel comfortable and that’s where my profession kicks in – you are creating a home and you have to be insightful. You need to be able to read people and what they like,” says Saskia, “It’s about engaging with the client’s space, their background, their heritage but also slightly pushing their boundaries. You need to open up ideas”.

“Every project and every client is so different. It's not cookie-cutter where you can apply the same principle throughout. I never repeat a detail. Every project and every room is individual”. It’s this attention to detail, this individuality that makes staying in a well-thought-out residence enriching – unlike hotels, these properties place people at the heart of their configuration.That’s why Saskia prefers to stay in residential homes when she goes overseas. Asked about her preferences, she enthusiastically responded, “definitely a home, one hundred per cent a home and yes, I choose according to the interiors. My husband is very good at sussing out secret places. Of course, when we go away I want it to be nice and feel comfortable for everyone – sometimes we go away with friends or sometimes we go away on our own so that’s important.”

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London is a creative epicentre, with an array of cultural institutions to choose from when you need inspiration. Saskia’s go-to is certainly a trailblazer. “I’m a big fan of V&A. I love the museum, the shop, every room is completely different. You go into one room and its roman sculptures; you walk into the next and its modern art and the next is a display of cameras. I love taking my ten-year-old there”.

Domus Stay’s portfolio of properties is a curated edit of London’s most remarkable homes. Each residence is deliberately selected for its unique features and its superlative design. Imagine coming home to a full fridge, a fresh bouquet of flowers, a chilled bottle of champagne and an impeccably clean flat that makes each architectural highlight shine. Our guest services team will make it happen.

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