Holy Bar: a surrealist-inspired drinking den by vegan restaurant Holy Carrot / Food & Drink
Holy Bar: a surrealist-inspired drinking den by vegan restaurant Holy Carrot

Founder Irina Linovich reveals what you can expect from the secret drinking destination.

Founder Irina Linovich reveals what you can expect from the secret drinking destination.

Holy Carrot, the new innovative plant-based restaurant in Knightsbridge’s Urban Retreat, opens its hidden cocktail bar Holy Bar on Friday 4 February 2022. We talk to founder Irina Linovich about what's on the menu and how the magic of the tarot deck inspires their innovative drinks.

Inspired by the surrealism of Salvador Dali and Peter Pan’s Neverland, Holy Bar is a destination for the curious. Innovative cocktails laced with Piper-Heidsieck Champagne sit alongside a menu of seasonal plant-based snacks. Candles, crystals and the woody aroma of white sage set the scene for guests to kick back, relax and immerse themselves in a world of mystery and illusion.

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“We created Holy Bar as a place for joy, happiness and freedom; a space where dreaming is essential. We want our people to fall in love with life,” says founder Irina Linovich a name you might recognise from her days as a producer of Vogue Ukraine. “Holy Bar is about spiritual experiences and connecting with your inner self. I believe each of us has an inner star, you just need to open the third eye to see your secret power.” 

Every cocktail represents a different tarot archetype. Choose from The Star – Piper-Heidsieck Champagne with homemade blackberry sorbet; The Magician, made with dark and white rum, ginger liqueur, Fernet Branca Menta, lime juice and homemade carob soda; or The Sun – Saliza amaretto infused vodka, Mozart dark chocolate liquor, espresso and almond syrup.

A selection of non-alcoholic thirst-quenchers drinks will also be available, including The Empress with Ceremonial matcha, oat and agave; The World, a mix of Three Spirits Nightcap, fresh lime, homemade cranberry syrup and Belu fiery ginger beer; and Wheel of Fortune, a Three Spirits Livener and cherry soda concoction. 


“I'm in love with tarot cards. They’ve always been a source of inspiration for me,” muses Irina. “Tarot's have been used by great minds over the years who have believed in their power, including Salvador Dali, Christian Dior and Gustav Jung.”

Honouring Holy Carrot’s ethically-sourced ethos, the bar exclusively stocks Piper-Heidsieck, a Champagne house with a deep commitment to eco-responsible farming and sustainability. 

On the food front, the team's chefs have designed a seasonal menu of imaginative bar snacks, all gluten- and refined sugar-free. Think ‘fish’ and chips nori-wrapped tofu in crystal tempura with Jerusalem artichoke chips served under a dome of smoke; green magic hummus edamame and wild rocket with black garlic and tapioca balls; and buffalo ‘calamari’ made from the heart of palm with green sour cream and homemade hickory buffalo sauce. 

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“Mother earth's magic is everything,” adds Irina. “Every season nature creates the ingredients that our bodies need for nourishment. That’s why we use seasonal produce for the Holy Bar menu.”

Alongside seasonality, the team is also passionate about charity. Every three months they select a charity to support, and this time around dishes 100 per cent of revenue from the ‘angels and devils’ crispy rice chips will be donated to Hospitality Action

The Holy Carrot menu currently features a veganuary special in collaboration with Seaspiracy. The dish has been so popular with diners that the special has been extended into February. 


“Seaspiracy is a project that helps to keep our oceans healthy and creates awareness about industrial fishing and we felt it was the perfect organisation to partner with.”

As for her favourite tipple, Irina is partial to The Lovers. “It creates a very special mood,” she smiles. To find out why you’ll have to order one.





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