Guest Services

These terms apply to the ancillary Services provided or arranged by Domus Stay. (The “Services”).  These terms together with the Booking Confirmation Form (the “Booking Confirmation”) form the Guest Services Agreement between the Guest and Domus Stay. This does not apply to the accommodation where the Accommodation Agreement applies.  The booking period or date range (the “Stay”) is indicated in the Booking Confirmation.

1. Services
Domus Stay can arrange a number of Services on behalf of the Guest.

1.1 The Services may be reserved as follows

  1. Through the Domus Stay Guest Services team (“Guest Services") by way of telephone or email, with reference to the website when the accommodation is reserved.  Not all Services are listed on the website. If a Service is not listed, telephone Domus Stay to obtain further information and make any reservation; or e mail Domus Stay for further information at

  2. Prior to the commencement of the reservation prior to the Guest’s stay at the Property through Guest Services, by way of telephone, or by email.

  3. During the Stay, through Guest Services, by way of telephone or email.

1.2 Domus Stay cannot guarantee that all Services are available during the Guest’s stay at the Property.  Some Services can be reserved but are subject to availability. Early reservation is recommended.

1.3 The Guest should check the Services included within the Booking Confirmation.  If a reservation is made for a specific Service which subsequently is discovered to be part of the Booking the charges incurred for provision remain payable.  Domus Stay take no responsibility if a Guest has not checked the terms of the Booking Confirmation. 

1.4 Domus Stay will confirm all reservations for Services in writing by email to the Guest.

1.5 All Services are provided subject to all conditions being satisfied by the Guest.  This means if access to the Property is required then the Guest must make arrangements to allow Domus Stay or their third party provider access at the agreed times; or if payment is required for a specific Service payments must be made promptly in cleared funds by bank transfer, debit or credit card.  Domus Stay have no liability for the failure to provide a Service if the Guest has not complied with all conditions attached to the Service. Charges for any Service not provided due to the actions or lack of action of the Guest may be payable in full.

1.6 Many of the Services provided to the Guest are sourced through a third party or organisation including but not limited to tickets for theatres, other events, or reservations in restaurants or club; and more direct Services such as those of a nanny, personal trainer, housekeeper or cook. All such Services are subject to the terms and conditions of business of the third party or organisation.  Domus Stay will endeavour to obtain a copy of these conditions; but it is the responsibility of the Guest to source the terms and to comply. 

1.7 Domus Stay source the Services of any third party on behalf of the Guest. The Guest is liable for the costs of the third party or organisation.  Domus Stay have no liability for any discrepancy or failure of the third party in providing these Services although all reasonable endeavours in ensuring that the Services offered are of a high standard.

1.8 Tickets for Events or Theatrical Productions: Domus Stay will use their best endeavours to obtain tickets to annual sporting events that form part of the British summer season; or for a theatrical or musical production although many events are oversubscribed. There is no guarantee of the availability of tickets for any event or production. The Guest must comply with any conditions imposed by the ticket agency or the venue such as a dress code; or the necessity of arriving at a certain time. Domus Stay have no liability if the Guest fails to comply with specified conditions.

1.9 From time to time events may be cancelled at short notice due to inclement weather, illness or other adverse circumstances.  Domus Stay take no liability for such circumstances.  Best endeavours will be made to obtain a refund, but this is not always possible.

1.10 Equipment Hire: Equipment can be hired from Domus Stay or hire arranged by Domus Stay from a third party on behalf of the Guest but subject to availability. The Guest will be responsible for complying with all hire and usage instructions and returning the equipment in the same condition as at the start of the hire period.  The Guest will be liable to pay for any damage caused to the equipment.  If there appears to be damage or an issue with the equipment at the start of the hire period the Guest must report it immediately and confirm the damage by email. Failure to do so means damage costs must be paid. Domus Stay may require preauthorisation of a debit or credit card to pay the costs of any damage.

2. Payment for Services

2.1 When Services are ordered as part of the original reservation, they will be included within the invoice which becomes due and payable as outlined in the Booking Confirmation. If payment is not made for the Services then Domus Stay will not arrange their provision to the Guest.  The price of the Services include the fees paid to Domus Stay.

2.2 All charges shown on the initial invoice paid prior to taking up the reservation will be deducted from the debit or credit card provided by the Guest, or alternatively paid by bank transfer; together with the fees for the accommodation.

2.3 Services requested and arranged during the Guest’s stay and/or on an ad hoc basis will be added to the account held and paid together with any additional accommodation charges and payable upon written demand during the Guest’s stay or at the termination of the reservation period and departure from the Property. 

2.4 We may request preauthorisation of payments on a credit or debit card used for the accommodation initially; or if another card is to be used for payment then Domus Stay must be informed at the time of making the booking and payment received before the Service proceeds.

2.5 In some instances, the cost of the third-party Service is payable at the time of use directly by the Guest, such as restaurant bookings.  In these circumstances any applicable fees the concierge fees chargeable by Domus Stay will be added to the Guest’s account held. 

2.6 When signing the Accommodation Agreement, the Guest will be required to ensure all Payments are made as outlined above in the Booking Confirmation. The Guest is referred to the cancellation policy of Domus Stay and the Homeowner as shown on the Accommodation Agreement.

3 Limit of Liability

3.1 Domus Stay will not be liable for the provision of any goods, equipment, or Services provided by a third party; nor for any delay or failure by Domus Stay or the third party in providing the goods or Services or the provision of goods or Services which are substandard, overbooked, unavailable, or is not as specified when the booking was made.

3.2 Domus Stay are not liable for any breach in the provision of goods or Services if the delay or failure to perform arises from matters outside the control of Domus Stay including but not limited to a force majeure, a pandemic, shortages, the unavailability of the goods or Services, severe weather, burglary, a power failure, any failure by a utility supplier in the provision of the Service, disaster, strikes, government or local authority action, terrorism, civil unrest or demonstrations, or war.

3.3 Domus Stay are not liable in the provision of Services to the Guest for any business, economic, or financial loss suffered by the Guest; nor for direct or indirect losses including but not limited to loss of profit, savings, opportunity, or reputation, even if such loss is incurred through the negligence or other actions of Domus Stay.

3.4 The liability for loss by the Guest is limited to the cost of obtaining replacement goods or Services; or the charges  made by Domus Stay to the Guest in the procurement of the goods or Service; apart from liability for personal injury or death due to negligence by Domus Stay or their employees, while acting in the course of their employment.

4 General Conditions

4.1 No monies can be withheld as set-off, deduction, or counterclaim against monies due and payable for accommodation or Services provided.

4.2 Domus Stay can assign or sub-contract the rights and obligations of this Agreement.

4.3 If any term of this Agreement is deemed by a court to be void or unenforceable it will not affect the validity and enforcement of all other terms and obligations of the Agreement

4.4 The terms and conditions of the Agreement represent the full agreement between the parties except in the case of fraud and supersede any oral or written representations, marketing material, or information provided whether written or spoken.

4.5 The laws of England and Wales apply to this Agreement and the courts in England and Wales have jurisdiction for enforcement of the Agreement.