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Family life reimagined at Jaego’s House

Born from a father’s frustration with lacklustre childcare, Jaego’s House is a vibrant family haven with a focus on creativity and community.

Born from a father’s frustration with lacklustre childcare, Jaego’s House is a vibrant family haven with a focus on creativity and community.

When asked about the inspiration behind Jaego’s House – an innovative family members’ club in Kensal Rise – it’s clear that founder Charlie Gardiner long had a vision in mind. Having spent endless hours with his children in uninspiring spaces, the dad of three embarked on a mission to reimagine childcare.

Struggling to find creative environments for his kids – and a decent cup of coffee for himself – Charlie envisioned a place that catered to it all. “Family life can be so full on at times. It’s rewarding but demanding,’ he muses. “We spend so much time trying to juggle everything – working, keeping fit, spending time together, seeing friends. The idea was to have everything under one roof.”


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From the club’s inception, the founding team of parents were quick to agree on the essentials. "Originally it was just a few of us – each with young children – looking for a way to simplify our schedules. But then we spoke to hundreds of fellow parents about what they’d love in a family club, and it turned out we all wanted the same things," Charlie recalls.

The concept was clear: a place where adults would look forward to visiting as much as their children. “The goal was to make family life easier, so we decided to make it a reality.”




Now a thriving community-minded members’ club, Jaego’s House incorporates everything from childcare to co-working spaces and fitness classes, all with an ethos rooted in allowing kids to be kids. Far from worrying about disapproving eye-rolling or requests to be quiet, the club is a space for children to let off steam.

“It’s a reassuringly noisy sanctuary of sorts,” he smiles. “Children can dive into the jungle gym in full scream, sink into a beanbag in the kids’ cinema room or go wild in TARKA and other kids’ classes.” Admittedly a play-time paradise, facilities range from a creche for the littlest ones to a Weekend Den for older children.


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It’s not all about the kids though, insists Charlie. Beyond exceptional play areas, pockets of peace and privacy allow parents to relax, work, or enjoy a child-free workout.  "This is a family club in every sense of the word," he affirms. “It’s a real community for the adults too. We wanted somewhere that they could go to reconnect and recharge.”

Confessing that parents’ needs can fall to the wayside, Charlie adds that they do their best to foster connections and support systems. “We organise everything from coffee mornings for new locals and parents, to maternity leave meet ups and adults only evenings. It’s a community navigating the ride together.”


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But the journey hasn’t been without challenges. An enormous demand for kids’ classes has led to continuous evolution and expansion. "We listen to our members and their needs as much as possible," he considers.

“It’s important that we keep the space dynamic and responsive.”  Citing his own children’s needs and interests as a vital source of inspiration, the list of recent additions includes a new outdoor playground, soft play area and an extra cinema within the restaurant.




With another grand opening on the horizon – Jesse’s House in Parsons Green – the aspiration is to uphold the club’s core values. "Everything is aimed at enhancing the family experience. We want to bring this sense of community and support to new areas, offering plenty of space and more activities for everyone in the family."

The decision to partner with Domus Stay marks another exciting development for Jaego’s House. "We’re delighted to be working with Domus Stay. There’s a lot of synergy between our brands," Charlie says. “Our audiences overlap perfectly, and Jaego’s House should be able to offer Domus Stay guests and their families that little something extra, hopefully some peace and quiet on their holidays!”

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