in style.

Guest Services

Your champion, life-saver, your backstage angel.

Your secret weapon, saver of the day, architect of the Good Times.

The Doer, The Fixer, the whatever you want to call us,

For a stay nothing short of splendid, we’re here to help.

Stay in style.
Let us handle the details.

How can we help?

Less of a service and more of a personal assistant, Domus Stay’s guest services team are here to help with anything you might need, from household help to helicopter hire. Our team understand the pressures of a busy lifestyle and can assist in keeping yours running smoothly whilst away from your normal routine.

Stay: healthy

Keeping mind, body and spirit in good shape, wherever you are.

Stay: in touch

We’re here to help keep the wheels turning while you travel.

Stay: in

Why stay in a beautiful home and not make the most of its potential?

Stay: out

The insider knowledge to help you squeeze every last ounce of fun out of the city.

Stay: young

Support wherever needed, to make sure everyone has a great time.


Stay: who you are

If we can be of any support in planning your stay - from dinner parties to days out - please contact us here.

Our guest services team are on hand to help.